Brenda Reyes
Sticks N Stones Designs
Brenda retired from the hospitality industry in 2010 and her other experiences
include being a teacher, retail store manager and working for a scrapbook
magazine.  Her self-taught artistry shines through in the hand painted sticks
and stones she dot paints.  She uses various tools for her style of "dotillism"
including nail heads, stylus, sponges and the ends of paint brushes. Her
projects can take anywhere from 1-20 hours to complete.  She joined
Lakeside Art in 2015.
Brenda has recently taken on the task of redesigning the gallery.  Her talent
for displaying the work of various artists has turned Lakeside Arts and Gifts
into a destination gallery in Lake County.
Beautiful and functional art pieces for
your home or office
Original, one of a kind creations that speak
to the heart